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The Ultimate Revision Plenary

Who else is worried about their year 11's already? 🙋‍♀️

They don't know how to revise! Even if they do, they do one type of revision and repeat it ad finitum. Last week, I was facing the same conundrum that many teachers do (and often on a yearly basis): getting sufficient and purposeful revision into my lessons, whilst moving forward with the scheme of work. I decided to utilise the plenary time which gives around five minutes to revise each lesson (which is better than nothing!).

This idea came to me as most of my ideas do: at ten past midnight whilst my partner is peacefully sleeping. I elbow him awake and witter my idea at him.

"Six revision activities. Each lesson, one of the activities is chosen at random. Each activity is desgined to test students in a different way."

He loved it! The idea, of course - not the ill timed conversation itself...

For my group (which are a foundation group aiming for grade 4/5), I needed them to stop leaving the last four questions blank - which developed into Top 10%. They needed to recall information about a given topic - which developed into knowledge organiser tests. I continued to evaluate and create until I had a list of six.

The wheel above shows the activities I'm using with my year 11's. I created this on https://wheeldecide.com/ where you can create and save/embed spinner wheels. It's surprising how many times I get asked to break this resource out by my students. Every student has their favourite activity and they get genuinely excited if theirs is chosen by the spinner. You can see the wheel I designed (and the associated activities) in action on https://www.spruceupmaths.co.uk/revision/ks4-f5 .

I'm now in the process of developing this idea for my other KS3 and KS4 classes. I've seen other members of staff in my department using the same idea with their classes, with new activities which fit their class.

Some of the resources can be used across different classes and abilities so it'll get easier to plan as we collaborate and share ideas in my department and on here. Let me know what you think and how it worked in your classroom!

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