• Abigail Spruce

A Beginner's Guide to Closure Quizzes

So we're part way through week 4 (or 14?) of school closure and I think we can all agree this has been struggle for everyone. Working 100% online has been an adjustment for teachers and students, especially for those poor kids with little/no access.

With no normal teaching in the near future, I've trialed lots of different types of activities for my students over the last few weeks and I'm pretty sure I've landed on what I want to do from here on out.

I think we can all agree that immediate feedback is so important to guide a student's learning. In class, we use AFL strategies to ensure our students aren't veering off track - but what is the alternative for now? Online quizzing is the way forward I think! There are so many ways we can set online quizzes that give students that immediate feedback, and here are a few of my favourites (so far anyway!).


It's everyone's favourite end of half term activity (unless you're playing the Pirate Game of course). Students love it because it feels like a game and it immediately tells them if it's right or wrong - what's not to love!? You can make your own quizzes and there are a tonne out there already. You can see an overall percentage but can't see which questions each student struggled on. All of which is a completely moot point when you realise you have to decode the nicknames first. If someone can explain to me how I can find out who on earth 'Nananananananan'* and 'toilet roll'* are without posting on MS Teams for the world (and your HoD) to see, perhaps I'd be a little more on board!

*Both real nickname submissions on a Y9 quiz! 🤦‍♀️🧻

MS Forms

This feels like the practical safe option. You can set it directly from MS Teams (which is only a bonus if your school is using it). You can create questions that have short answers, long answers, multiple choice answers - even putting things in the correct order. Scores get put straight into MS Teams (again, only a bonus if you're using it). Grades automatically. No crazy nicknames. You can see each student's individual answers and provide feedback. On paper, it's the best choice. But I'm not excited to set it, and my students aren't excited to do it. So turn in rates are low and nobody's having a good time. For me, it's missing the engagement factor.


(Disclaimer: this one costs some pennies) If you're in a school that follows an Edexcel scheme of work and has ActiveLearn then this is an option for quizzes. You can set pre-made tasks based on the scheme of work and the dusty textbooks from the back of our cupboards. Students have their own logins and it gives instant feedback on their tasks. At the moment, this is my favourite. The activities are interactive and well thought out. The engagement level is better than MS Forms, but still not as good as Kahoot!

So long story short, I'm still on the hunt! If you've got any suggestions that fit my long list of criteria then please leave me a comment!

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