• Abigail Spruce

3 Essentials To Prepare Before September 2020

Here we go again! The mad rush of the last week of summer is here once again. I didn't think it was possible, but I'm more nervous than ever!

New role.

New school.

New rules.


My head is spinning with everything I'm trying to achieve in a mere seven days. Meal prep, deep cleaning the house, dig out my work outfits, and that's all before I consider my work list! I'm forced, once again, to prioritise my efforts. What must be sorted before September 1st?

Here are 3 things I'm focusing on this week. Of course, every teacher and school is doing things slightly differently; this list works for me, but make sure to adjust this for your needs.


I'm starting at a new school in September. Given the circumstances, I have only been in the building a handful of times. This means my paper diary is probably sat in a quarantined room until September 1st! It's important to me to understand my first few weeks, especially when you consider the new rooming and staggered breaks and lunches! I considered buying a diary, but couldn't justify it. Instead, I began creating a digital diary using MS Excel. My thought is that it would mean one less thing to carry around with me from room to room (and therefore one less thing to leave behind!). I'm not 100% sold on the digital diary (I miss my highlighters and post-it notes) but it's somewhere I can get organised at this moment in time.

✅Tech prep

The idea of teaching in-person again seems foreign and with all the new procedures in place to keep everybody as safe as possible it will be like nothing I've done before. I have so many questions and not a lot of answers: Can I give out worksheets? Can I go over and help a student? How will we safely mark books/assessments? How long will I be running around the school until I get my own classroom back? Fortunately, my school is giving each student a pack with a whiteboard and pen so I know that they will have that (at least until P3 when they will somehow lose it, even though they haven't left the classroom!). It looks like we will be leaning on technology once again. I'm considering returning to my ol' reliable www.plickers.com where I can take the votes in from a class with only one device - mine. If you've never heard of it before, I urge you to check it out! I'll be preparing some multiple-choice questions ready for that first week back.

✅Germ-free zone

My new school is limiting contact between pupils by keeping the students in the classroom and bringing the teacher to them. This means for the first time since my training year, I'll be bouncing from room to room. I bought myself these refillable hand sanitiser bottles which attach to a bag or lanyard, meaning I'll be able to keep myself germ-free on the go! I'll include a link to the ones I bought here 🧼

What is on your to-do list for this week? Are you in a mad rush like myself, or that one person in the department who was ready back in May, or the one that will look at their timetable for the first time on September 1st?

Either way - keep growing 🌱

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